My powertap isn’t here yet, but I did solve my crank problemo:

Inspired by Jeff Jones’s crank he sells with his bikes…

And then I found a set on craigslist I got for $100 with rings and bash guard.

I quickly removed the guard and got to it:

(as purchased)

(lopped the ears off – dremel)

(then spent some time with the flat mill and bastard files)

(and pretty happy with the results)


I would like to find a boone ring, but they are hen’s teeth…

And will order a King bb since it can be greased in place (used to love the WTB headsets, bbs and hubs!).

And I might get around to refinishing the whole crank like Jeff does, but for now, I can ride the mtb this weekend! Cannot wait for the powertap to arrive!