Race your strengths…and train your strengths!

by admin ~ March 19th, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Usually you race your strengths, train your weaknesses.

Saturday I raced my strengths and did well.

Today I trained them.

I think it is time to bump the FTP:

This is from the “benches” workout as I like to call it… I ride out to 17s and 11e and then ride every street from 11th to 13th. Today I only made it 10 streets as I needed to be home for the wifie to head to the airport for work. That and as you can see I haven’t done this particular workout in some time and as such was really tailing off at the end.

Doing these makes it easier to do these. In another month, I will probably be able to make it all the way to south temple.

Easy tomorrow before saturday’s race… maybe I can maintain my top ten in the series… maybe for the season.


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