Well, there is a great kids story about life on sat radio about aan who goes to the rabbi about his house being too small. Rabbi keeps telling him “could be worse”.

Today I dropped the kiddos off at scho and came home. Wanting to race cross, I suited up and headed off into the 38dF sunshine and realatively dry roads.

Had a nice easy ride and racked up 80+ tss on the ctton bottom/wasatch/200 east loop.

The fenders (already on the bike) remained dry less a puddle or two. And by the time I got home the sky was still clear and temps had broached the 40s.

If I can get in a few more days this week, I might be willing to hit the cx race Saturday and see where I stand…it’ll be crazy thougth as it would be soccer game, soccer game, cx race.

All in all though I have to say that ctl is rising almost to an athlete’s level and it feels like I could be a bike racer again soon.

I just have to embrace the weather, get out there and do the work…

It could be worse.