It has been a while, since I have posted.  Since the lead zepplins arrived (and haven’t been used!).

I actually have a new project for them, but that will have to wait for another day.

So where am I, what am I working on, and when should we see some results?

Here are some of my winter projects to document and share:

1) Tabata into fitness.

For the next few weeks I am onTabata intervals to leap into some fitness.  I will post some results when the cycle is complete.

2) Supplemental O2 training.

Since WADA has specifically outlined that such training is in fact legal, I am going to start back on this project.  I got the last piece of the puzzle in place: Nonin Software for visualizing pulse ox data from the training.  Huge thanks to them for providing it.  I have had the app for a while and have collected some baseline data.

After the Tabata sessions, I will start a series of training block to see the gains to be made by training on supplemental O2.

3) Pedal/shoe effeciency.

Don at D2Shoe told me he had some old data as well as many an anecdotal tale that custom shoes make for increased power.  I have a pair of his shoes (ok, 2 pair) and still have my old shimanos.  I will have to write a nice protocol and see if one can determine the delta between shoes.

Additionally, Bill Goldfoos from Aerolite pedals included a pair of his pedals with Don’s shoes to play with…He also says that there is data out there that shows increased efficiency from the more rigid attachment to the bike than other pedal systems.

We will put both these claims to the test during the winter.

4) A little side project inspired by Metrigear.

TomA with JRO and myself had a little idea pop into our collective heads (OK, Tom’s head and the execution has come from the group) at interbike and the Metrigear booth.  Turns out I had the tools to figure it out in my pocket at the show.

More on this later.

5) And last, but certainly not least…

Fingers crossed, but I hope to get my hands on some beta product(s) in the very near future..

As an aside, I have decided to segregate a little bit.  This will remain my conversation place for all things training, bike and general geek-ness.

But the rest of my stuff (homebrewing, life etc) will move to a new home: – a url that has lay dormant for a long time.  If you care about that stuff… you’ll know where to find it.

So check back in about a week for some Tabata data…