It has been a while since I have updated this website.

I come back with a bombshell of sorts.

The cycling world is a tizzy with doping talk, allegations and finger pointing. So and so used EPO, so and so got X drug from Y doctor, so and so was using this when they won Z race.

The governing bodies are chasing this down from the wrong direction.

There IS a simple answer. It would be easy to solve the problem.

The UCI, WADA, USADA et. al. spend a ton of money right now testing. Testing for drug a, b, c, … 7019290. A ton of various substances that they have banned and have to run tests looking for them.

This testing is terribly expensive and as such doesn’t get implemented very much.

What if the tests were simple?

What is there was one thing you could be positive for?

What if they could test almost everyone (amateur to pro) for the cost of probably what they are spending right now (hell, in just the TdF alone)?

Would they choose to do that?

The answer is so simple, it sits right in their faces and the solution is much easier than the current situation.

Contact the drug companies (all of them) that make the drugs you want to ban. Work with THEM to solve the problem.

Develop a benign, non-naturally occurring marker for athletes. And then pay the drug companies to put that marker in any drug WADA doesn’t want to see an athlete use.

Then the test becomes simple. Test for the marker. If the marker shows up, you are positive, no b-sample, no questions asked.

If the test is for all athletes, and the marker is unique, the test is:

1) simple

2) cheap

3) effective

4) implemented much more frequently

The playing field gets levels at all levels of the sport.

The testing becomes more common and frequent and cheap.

The sport gets to put this behind them and move on.

Just my $0.02…