Our Partners

We are continually working to provide our clients with access to the best technology, training and tours.

TrainingPeaks is the web-based tool we use to communicate with you, our client. TrainingPeaks has been exceptionally supportive of us, including sponsoring our Junior Development program by providing the client slot for the kids.

For on the bike power meters, we feel that the SRM offers the best solution. In terms of portability (if you have more than one bike), precision, and durability, you cannot beat the SRM. You can use whatever wheels (lightweight or aerodynamic) you choose. We are authorized SRM coaches. We all own and use SRM’s and we can help you get set up and started using your new power meter.

The PowerTap is another excellent on bike power meter. The PowerTap offers highly accurate data and relatively easy installation. We are authorized PowerTap coaches and we offer them to clients. We can help you get set up and started using your new power meter.

We use Computrainers in our training plans. If you are a local athlete we use our Computrainer(s) for testing and evaluation of you your fitness level and abilities. If you are a long distance athlete (or local) we prescribe certain workouts and tests, especially during winter when the weather is bad, using the Computrainer. As a Wattage Training coached athlete, you will have access to our Computrainers. Additionally, if you would like to acquire one for yourself we have an arrangement with Racermate to provide you with a Computrainer and the software at a discount.

The Ergomo is the newcomer to the power meter world. But it offers an excellent option that like the SRM allows you to use any wheels, including a disc, during racing and training. While it is less portable from bike to bike, it can be set up that way. The Ergomo comes with excellent software for downloading and analyzing you files after the workout.

The Polar s720i with the power meter module is our recommendation for athletes wanting to get started in power based training for the least amount of investment. Tests have shown that on the road, the Polar data tracks very consistently with the other power meters on the market. The Polar has the distinct advantage of providing altitude measurement as well as giving you a heart rate monitor that you can use during other athletic activities. The real limitations of the Polar is in the portability to other bikes, the amount of effort in initial setup required to get accurate data, and the poor data that is typically recorded on indoor trainers.