Percieved Exertion Calibration

I will throw this one out there as Andy picked my interest…

Much talk in the past on wattage@topica has been revolving around the concept that “threshold = threshold” and that one can jump right into 2x20s.

I have started training in earnest again for 05. and that means trainer time.

One of my favorite workouts has been what I can “music intervals”(TM) that go something like this:

pop in favorite cd. warm up for 2 songs.
at 3rd song, ride in levelX for duration of song.
@ 4th song ride in level1 for duration of song.
repeat until end of cd.

sometimes I do them @ l4, sometimes l3, and for some cd’s (think SHORT SONGS) l5.

ANYWAY. The point being, this week I did these twice @ l3 (sub Vthres), I did them tuesday and thursday, but PE was the guide as the SRM controller is still under the seat for cross.

And because I haven’t been training hard lately, thursday’s intervals were a lot highin (in terms of Wave) despite the PE being equal or even less on thursday.

The end point being that I think that working up to 20mins of threshold requires some PE “calibration” if you will. A period of time to acclimate to that workload on your body and the sensations. And that if I asked new or detrained clients to perform 2x20s from the get go they would perform worse that if I work them up to that duration as I have been doing by starting out @ 6x5s, 4x10s 3x15s and then 2x20s.

Just a thought.
The Files:


All data files are native SRM files @ 0.5 sec recording from an SRMPro with a slope of 19.24.