Cyclocross Powermeter Race Files

Actual Race Files:

Race #4
First CX race of the season for me (there had been four before, but @ sunny and 80°F, didn’t seem like cross to me). I got my butt whipped, felt bad, but wasn’t last! Day prior had SRM on board, but batt died 10m into race.

Race #6
Felt horrible, spent first 3 laps trying to hold breakfast down. Finished race as a training excercise.

Race #7
Started great, drifted back in first half of first lap, but felt so go (like I was going @ 65%) that I moved up before the singeltrack on lap 2. Went in the single in ~5th. Was rolling good and the pack was breaking up with a gap opening after 6th place. Then rolled front tire (first time EVER). End of race.

Race #8
Wife was sick, did not race.

Race #9
STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – 35 starters. Finished 16th. Could have gone harder, cold, snow, wet.

Race #10
Coming Nov. 27th

Race #11
Coming Dec. 4th – SERIES FINALE

All data files are native SRM files @ 0.5 sec recording from an SRMPro with a slope of 19.24 to preserve the “stochastic” nature of cross racing.