I love cyclocross too...

This year, I replaced my Quattro Assi that has served me well with a Merckx. I swapped sole to be able to run the SRM in single chainring mode.
I couldn't get the QA to work in this setup due to the limited bb sizes of shimaNO splined bb's.
So here is a pic or two of the whole bike

So, anyway, I also was unable to run the PC on the bars due to the Paul's secondary brake levels on the bars.
So I decided to try what I had seen done on track bikes, since like the track bike, the data is being used for post race analysis, rather than in race feedback.
Standard handlebar (26.0mm) PC bracket was stretched a bit (good ole plastic) to wrap around a 27.2 seatpost.

And the excess wiring harness was wrapped around the seatrail, wire-tied into place.

The wire harness comes down the seatpost, under the binding bolt (there is enough clearance to prevent rubbing).

A little electrician's tape keeps everything neat and tidy down the back of the seattube, I opted to do this and run a rear wheel harness to keep the wires away from the front triangle.
I was thinking that this would prevent wear and harness replacement due to portaging

Down into the bottom bracket, taped full around the seattube and chainstay to keep it nice and tight

And then back to the rear wheel speed sensor...

So far (4 races) everything has gone well.
HR data has been sketchy, but I attribute that to an older strap that is on it's last legs rather than PC placement.

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